Magic Trickster Drone

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Watch your kids' faces light up!
No toy like it! Your kids will be amazed!

Easy to Operate. Magic Motion sensor guided! Just raise your hand to redirect! Push and it goes!It will magically detect objects in the room too and re-direct itself accordingly!

On/Off Magic. Throw in the air to turn on. Just throw and it goes! Grab and flip upside down to turn off. Or use the 1-click remote to turn it on or off from a distance!

Safe & Durable. Tight meshing to keep fingers safe! Yet flexible and durable to last through bumps and crashes!

Safe for Kids. Safe for 5 and up. For under 5s, use it as an entertainment or science prop to surprise & blow them away! Your youngsters will be thrilled and amazed to see you demonstrate how this drone flies!

Easy Charging!No batteries required. Just plug in to any USB port!

Versatile. Day play or light it up at night! Indoor or outdoor - the fun never stops.

2X Your Fun! Get 2 drones, to double the fun! Watch your kids have a ball! 

Endless Games!  Just push it back and forth or see how long you can keep the trickster drone airborne - as a family! You'll have a blast!

HIGH DEMAND Most orders arrive in 7 to 13 business days.

--Your kids will beg you to never stop playing!
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USA & Canada: Order Dec. 8 - receive by Dec. 11 - Tuesday, Dec. 17!

+ 100% Money Back Guarantee

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